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Leslie working alone in front of multiple computer monitors

This is my job now.

I have been composing this message in my head for a while now, but before I worked out any of the details, I did have

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Hey, 2022…I’m back!

Well, a fresh set of Covid-19 antibodies wasn’t on my Christmas wish list, but I got them anyway. Between my original March 2020 battle with

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Book cover of Yoga Anatomy, 3rd edition

Getting back to bizness

Change of seasons, and the discussion between Lydia and me turns to what to pack for teaching trips. Neither of us likes to overpack, but

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Miami, Memories and Me

Here we are at the cusp of September 2021, well into a second year under the looming threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. I, for one,

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Assisting a student in a forward fold

November Special Offers!

Hey folks: I’ve got a couple of unusual offers in the next few weeks: Friday November 1 and Monday November 4, I will be offering

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My Friend Ti.

I want you to know about a friend of mine. Her full name is Terecita Mahoney Blair, but everyone calls her Ti (sounds like “Tee”). 

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