Yoga Spirit tele-class

I had a blast on the phone last night for an hour talking about breathing with 33 people from all over North America. A big thank you goes out to Deborah Rubin for setting it up, and for creating the wonderful Yoga Spirit forum.
You can download for free the MP3 file of my talk by following the title link to this post. I look forward to my next two tele-classes (which aren’t free).

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Thanks for the class, Leslie! It was very cool to be in a class with people from places as diverse as NYC, Ann Arbor and Ontario simultaneously! This is at least the third time I’ve taken a class with you on this topic and each time I understand it a little more deeply and find something essential that I learn to communicate more effectively. I completely agree that the thing that really makes it “Yoga” is this fundmental attention to the breath, and I hope to play a role in expanding that consciousness through my teaching (and learning). I definitely recommend the convenience and accessibility of the tele-class format to others.

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