Two-Day Certificate Training with Robert Fried, Ph.D. at The Breathing Project, New York City

The Breathing Project is proud to present
World Renowned breathing expert Dr. Robert Fried, Ph.D.
teaching a new 6-hour certificate course:


Dates: Wednesday, July 20 & Wednesday August 3, 2005
Times: 12:00 noon to 3:00PM
Cost: $95.00 for both sessions, $55.00 for one
To Register: contact Leslie Kaminoff

All workshop participants will have their breathing personally analyzed using state-of-the-art computerized breath capnometry, and will receive a certificate of completion signed by Dr. Fried.
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The objectives of this workshop are:

Day 1, July 20, 2005

a) To define the purpose of breathing training in terms of its impact on normalizing respiration behavior and lung and blood gases.

b) To identify common pattern of breathing that adversely alter inspiration and expiration volume.

c) To identify common medical conditions such as heart disease that require compensatory breathing changes.

d) To identify the adverse consequences of abnormal lung and blood gases on a variety of physical conditions ranging from anxiety to hypertension.

e) To learn the basic instrumentation for monitoring breathing and the lung and blood gas outcome of “deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises.”

f) To learn how to execute the “deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises” leading to The Transcendental Breath™ taught in: R. Fried (1999): Breathe Well, Be Well (John Wiley& Sons)

Day 2, August 3, 2005

g) To practice doing, and to practice teaching the “deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises” leading to The Transcendental Breath.™

h) To learn to integrate this information and these skills in a CAM treatment plan.

Dr. Fried is Professor of Biopsychology, Hunter College, CUNY

• Member of the American Physiology Society (APS)—Respiratory and Cardiovascular Division
• American Association for Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)

• The psychology and physiology of breathing in behavioral medicine. Plenum/Kluver, 1993
• The hyperventilation syndrome—Research and clinical treatment. The Johns Hopkins University Press.

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