Article: Is Yoga Debased by Secular Practice?

This article brings up points that were aired in one of the very first e-Sutra threads: “Yoga and Hinduism.” In fact, two of the Hindu authorities who were interviewed, David Frawley and “Swami Param,” figure prominently in the thread.
Is Yoga Debased by Secular Practice?
Millions of Americans are practicing yoga to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and relieve stress.
But they also are co-opting an ancient spiritual philosophy, many yoga experts contend. A sacred practice, they complain, is increasingly being debased and commercialized.

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while i personally believe that yoga is much more than just a physical exercise but is a complete mental, physical & spiritual practice, i recognize that most enter yoga seeking physical benefits, and over time begin to realize the other (more fulfilling) aspects. i strongly disagree that a hatha class should be introduced as a practice of hinduism for fear that it would not be as widely accepted and potential students would be scared off by religious connections opt to not participate and not reap any benefits at all.
As a yoga teacher, when i am asked about religious connections to yoga, my response is always that it can compliment any religion. Regardless of religion, we can all experience the spiritual awakening that even hatha yoga can eventually bring.

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