Reaction to the Anusara situation and the idea of the Guru

I wouldn’t be much of a yoga blogger if I didn’t mention the events of the past 2 weeks concerning the Anusara community.  In an attempt to contribute something constructive, I recorded this on Wednesday evening after class.

4 thoughts on “Reaction to the Anusara situation and the idea of the Guru”

  1. I agree, I love the story and I love Desikachar’s insistence that the teachings, the relationship and a student’s own journey of self-discovery are paramount. I have often wondered how so-called “rock star” teachers could actually allow themselves to be treated as such. There is an egotism and a lack of humility within this dynamic that are clear red flags but that seem to get obscured by an externalized focus on success, achievement and image. Even the Dalai Lama says he is just like the rest of us, and the Buddha wanted his teachings to be very grounded. I’m very worried about the future of Yoga in America, but for now, I will continue to practice, help my students be the best they can be, and be grateful that I have the opportunity to do so.

  2. Leslie:

    This is such a beautiful sharing. I feel that you clearly embody that gift of Desikachar’s – helping the student “find their own way.” In watching you do this with others (and myself, when I’ve asked for your guidance) I have experienced first hand one of the many things that make you a great teacher. I know this has helped me grow and be better at what I do. For that I am most grateful.
    I also appreciate your sharing the stories not only about Desikachar, and the history of Viniyoga in the US.


  3. That was beautiful. I haven’t had the experience you’ve been fortunate to have and study with Desikachar for so long. I have been lucky enough to take a few workshops with him, when he was here. He had made a lasting impression on me and I find myself quoting him in my classes. Especially “if the breath is compromised, the pose is wrong”.
    Thank you for sharing this story Leslie.

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