Kaminoff Makes Case Against Insurance, Formal Regulation, Dictated Standards

This interview with me was just posted on John Weeks’ Integrator blog. It’s part of a series sponsored by IAYT on the future of Yoga Therapy and its role in interdisciplinary healthcare. Regular readers of e-Sutra will know that I have some strong feelings on this topic, and the current interview puts many of these across quite well. Money quote:
“Yoga is about connection – that between the student and teacher. Any third party that inserts itself into that relationship will destroy it. It doesn’t matter if that is an insurer, a government agency or a band of well-intentioned Yoga teachers.”
I encourage your comments and feedback – all of which will be noted with interest by IAYT, as we prepare for the January SYTAR event, where I will co-moderate a panel on these issues that will include John Weeks.

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