"Are you putting me on the Internet?"

My youngest son, Sasha (6), just reminded me that I promised to put him on the Internet. I made this promise the other day, when I showed him this photo, which was taken last year at a shoot for my Yoga Anatomy book here in Great Barrington. As I type this, Sasha is standing right here, and he wants to say “hi” to the Internet. He will now click the “Publish Post” button.

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I looked at this picture and thought “How sweet” My daughter looked at it and said “Mommy, we can do that pose!” I told her no, this is a very special pose that only a few people could do and Mommy has to go to Yoga class a bit more to be able do this difficult pose – she believed me, I think, but Leslie, please, don’t be posting a photo of you in a handstand with Sasha balancing on your feet or I am really done for.

Golly that picture is cute… as is the comment from “anonymous” in response. The enthusiasm from the kids on both ends is palpable.

I just found your blog and wanted to say a quick “thank you.” You do a nice job with it!

-Alyson, thisnext.com/blog

Hey L.K.-
is Sasha actually attemting “Shiva’s Dance”?
I say, he looks happier then Shiva!

Akhhh,poor Shiva.. the duties that comes with the Job…

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