Yoga Championships in Pondy

The second Tamil Nadu state invitation yogasana championship and the 20th Pondy state yogasana championship are to be held in the Union Territory of Pondicherry on August 14 and 15, its organisers said today.
Here’s our chance to show those Indian yogis that when it comes to being non-competitive, we’re much better at it than they are. FYI, the above photo is from a Mysore competition in January of 2005, not Pondicherry.

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You have been Yoga therapist but you don’t know the the intentions behind sports? Sports is not about much about competition as much it is about promoting the health benefits of the sport itself. Sports is more about establishing good relation with the opponent. Remember the phrase ‘Sporty nature’? What does that imply, competitive behaviour or understanding one?
If you would not have been competitive at all, then you wouldn’t have made this post at all. You are comparing and trying to compete with Indian Yogis and that’s what made you write this post. Tell me who is better you or them?
Why do you draw borders? Why do you differentiate yourself from them? Yoga championship is for promoting Yoga, not for competition and it is in interest of your profession. You should have rejoiced but you have created animosity in your mind by considering it as a compitition. This shows your greed for material wealth. This shows your lack of dedication towards Yoga. This is not to critisize you, but to get the best out of you so that you will be able to do some good work rather than focussing on such stupid things.

Leslie Kaminoff

Lighten up, bee. I thought my caption for the piece was pretty funny.

I noticed your interesting use of the capital “Y’ in the “Yoga” you claim is promoted by these gymnastic, contortionist competitions.

As an Indian (which I assume you are based on your syntax), you should perhaps be aware of the fact that there is much more to Yoga – one of the 6 darshanas – than just physical prowess. Why don’t these competitions at least have some events that display breath control, sensory, mental or emotional mastery?

What view of Yoga is being promoted by these events? Professional gymnasts or circus contortionists could do just as well in these competitions – does that make them yogis?

I have nothing against the competitions per se, bit it would be nice if the physical aspect of yoga was being presented in the broader context of Yoga.

For an interesting discussion of these ideas, see the e-sutra thread “Yoga with a “Y.”
As far as my profession as a Yoga Therapist, and my “lack of dedication towards Yoga” is concerned, I spend a good deal of my time helping people who have hurt their bodies in their unbridled pursuit of unlimited flexibility. You tell me who’s “focussing on…stupid things.”

PATHS ARE MANY, GOD IS ONE . People will express yoga in ways you like and in ways you dont. You sound like a leashed dog barking at the free running wolf.

This is simply a suggestion for anonymous. Please be careful…You are beginning to sound like Leslie.

This blog does provide a useful service. I love the input and comments that people have to offer. As for Leslie…Well, my opinion is that he has absolutely nothing original..Not even in his opinions on opinions.

Be well

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