Yoga Anatomy photo shoot at The Breathing Project – Fri. 6.24.05

picture of photo shoot at The Breathing Project
We had a fantastic shoot yesterday at the studio. My thanks go out to everyone who showed up to help. As you can see, we’ll be showing the poses from some unusual angles.

from left: Leslie, Janet, Derek (in Bakasana) and Elizabeth with Lydia shooting from underneath the plexiglass.

FYI, our photographer, Lydia Mann is the multi-talented painter, web designer and artist who designed The Breathing Project’s website, and who has been instrumental in getting the e-Sutra blog launched into cyberspace.

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Nice shot of the shoot! Your link here to The Breathing Project website has a mis-spelling that makes the link fail…it needs a “t” Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

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