Guru’s Full Moon – From Kausthub Desikachar

Hello All.
Its Vyasa’s birthday today and celebrated as Teacher’s Day (Guru Purnima). Vyasa is considered the greatest teacher from the Indian tradition. It usually is on the full moon of this month. Here is a shot I took today. Hope you enjoy it.
P.S. Practice asteya. Please do not use this photo elsewhere without permission.
photograph by and © kausthub desikachar.

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  1. Hey Kausthub! Fabulous full moon photo. We in NYC need occasional reminders about the moon. Just like (as you once astutely observed)we need a “Breathing Project”! So when are you coming back to NYC area? We miss you and your dad big time! Hugs, Steve

  2. I am writing to share a unique moment shared by 3 body work teachers (of Tom Myers). We were in Maine on July 21st and had just finished teaching a two week training. In celebration, we went out to Pemiquid Point to sit and listen to the Atlantic wash its waves onto the Maine coastline.

    We walked to the rocks and had a seat. At that moment, we witnessed the assent of the most amazing full moon. My commrads attempted to catch a photo with their handy cell phone cameras. This sounds silly I know, but it felt sacred.

    Perhaps I would not have thought about it again, but this morning we received this e-mail from Kausthub. Amazingly, there was the July 21st moon that had mesmerized us!

    I am enclosing a little info on the sage Vyasa which essentially
    comes from The Yoga Tradition, Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice by Georg Feuerstein, PH.D.

    Vyasa is considered the greatest teacher from the Indian tradition.
    He (“he” may have been several people, as Vyasa translates as “collector” )is credited with having collected the 4 Vedas, the Mahabharata of which the Bhagavad-Gita is part, and several others. One of the others is the Yoga – Bhashya, one of the most important commentaries on the Yoga Sutras.


  3. I am sorry for taking away the focus from the beautiful picture of the moon. But I thought teacher’s day is September 5th and it is the celebration of Sri RadhaKrishna. Talk about the ignorant not knowing anything about celebrating Vyasa Muni.

    It makes me feel one with the rest of the world. So many of us looking at the same moon.
    love Padma

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