Egg On My Neck, part 2 of My 2 Cents about ‘How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body’

Last week’s video got quite a lot of attention on YouTube – over 12,500 views as of this writing.  This week’s follow-up includes an apology to William J. Broad, the author of the NYT article and the book “The Science of Yoga”, which was sent to me by the publishers this week.

In last week’s video, I had taken Broad to task for under-reporting the “normal” range of motion of the cervical spine in axial rotation as 50º. In fact, that is the same number I give in the 2nd edition of Yoga Anatomy! Oops. Egg on my “neck”.

In retrospect, I believe I used outdated numbers in the book and I’m in the process of researching how to revise that page (34). Here’s one of the research articles I’m referencing that gives a good overview of just how variable these range of motion (ROM) measurements can be. For example, compare the lowest ROM—for a male in his nineties—at 26º. The greatest ROM was a teenage female with a whopping 94º! So, what’s normal?

I’m about halfway through Broad’s book now, and I’m pleased to report that it’s a great read. I will have a full review when I’m done but even at this point I can safely say I’m going to recommend every serious student of yoga read it.


6 thoughts on “Egg On My Neck, part 2 of My 2 Cents about ‘How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body’”

  1. Vicki Kechekian

    LOL, great followup video to the first one. More marketing for the book, but it comes from an authentic place, so I won’t wrinkle my nose and might just buy the book.

  2. Leslie, thanks for indirectly replying to my email of a couple of weeks ago.
    I was wondering whether you could address my point that the increased rotation (relatively to what you cite in Yoga Anatomy, 2nd Ed., page 34) is indeed related to the C1-C2 rotation, and the cited figure relates instead to the other cervical vertebrae.
    Many thanks,

  3. The cited numbers include C1/C2 range, which accounts for about half of overall cervical rotation.

  4. Thanks Leslie, and by the way thats so much for the video replies. I think they bring some ‘stability’ to the ongoing discussion.

  5. Hi Leslie
    love listening to you.. always have so far and you have a great sense of honesty when admitting your own little errors….. Do you know that Mukunda Stile in his book structural yoga therapy – has neck rotation at 70deg. which in my belief is definitely more accurate than the 50deg. But like you say, i so appreciate you do say that it really really depends on every individual… and i always urge teachers to start teaching STUDENTS and HUMANS and not just ASANA…
    Keep up the great work
    Susi Davies
    ERYT 500 & remedial therapist
    Switzerland & Australia

  6. Hello,
    You mention in the video that you might post on this website a pdf of the revised spinal range of movements. Will it be available as a download? Any idea of when?

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