CNN: Mystic mushrooms spawn magic event

This landmark study, one of the few rigorous looks in the past 40 years at a hallucinogen’s effects, was done by no less than Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. Many of the study’s 36 volunteers rated their reaction to a single dose of psilocybin as one of the most meaningful or spiritually significant experiences of their lives.
Such comments “just seemed unbelievable,” said Roland Griffiths, the study’s lead author.”But don’t try this at home,” he warned. “Absolutely don’t.”

I agree. Go to a friend’s house.

1 thought on “CNN: Mystic mushrooms spawn magic event”

  1. So, what else is new? One of the ‘most rigorous’ studies in 40 years comes up with what white folk already know for more than 50 years, and native mystics for centuries. Thank you liebe Albert. What makes this ‘news’ is the repression of entheogenic use across Western society.

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