Author Enlightens Christians About Yoga’s Demonic Influence

If you practice Yoga, Dave Hunt is very concerned about the welfare of your soul – especially if you are a Christian.
He has authored a thoroughly researched book called “Yoga and The Body of Christ” that irrefutably proves that the practice of Yoga is a form of Eastern mysticism that opens you up to the influence of demonic forces.

Here’s a link to a PDF of the first 19 pages of his book. It’s scary stuff, but not for the reasons that he intends. I’ll let Hunt’s own words speak for themselves, as there’s nothing I could say that more clearly conveys his message. It’s very revealing to hear him state, as if it’s a self-evident given, that Christianity in this country is under serious attack from Eastern traditions, when it’s pretty clear to any semi-rational observer that the exact opposite is true. Christianists in the U.S. are on a serious crusade that seeks to undermine state-church separations, and use government force to impose their religious values on the rest of us non-believing heathens.

All in all, Hunt’s rantings are a disturbing peek into the mentality driving the smugly self-righteous religious right in this country. I’m curious to hear your comments on this issue. Also, check out the archived e-Sutra post “Christians Debate Yoga” from June 30, 2005.

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  1. These are scary people indeed, and definitely not “Christian” in any sense of the word; they do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ but practice a fear based religion which requires the domination and possibly the eventual extirmination of anyone who does not believe as they do. Their movement is called “Dominionism” and they temporarily have control of our government. Their goal is world domination. If you have heard of The Project for A New American Century you have heard of these people.

    How do we counteract their influence? By behaving like the rational, loving people we are and continuing to demonstrate that Patanjali’s Sutras taught that Ishvarapranidana, devotion to God/higher power/something greater than oneself is not in conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ, or of Islam, or of Judaism, or of any other religion or philosophy (except that of hatred, fear, and separation from our Divine nature).

    Satya cannot be obscured for long; if it is absolute Truth, it will be True for all and no conflict will arise. This man’s rantings will eventually be swept away as those who long for peace recognize the Truth.

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