Amy Matthews’ NYC Teaching Schedule

I’m sending you this information about Amy Matthews’ classes with my highest possible recommendation. Amy is a true gem and an amazing teacher. It has been my pleasure to work with her here at The Breathing Project, where we frequently co-teach in my anatomy course. We are currently collaborating on my Yoga Anatomy book, and Amy posed for many of the photos we will use as references for the artist. The photo of her in Hanumanasana is from the last shoot we did at The International Center for Photography.
If you’re in the NYC area, you have the chance to check out her weekly classes.Every Tuesday & Thursday Morning – 7:45 to 8:45 am
at the Breathing Project, 15 W 26 St, 10th Fl, NYC

These classes are based on the Bartenieff Fundamentals, developmental movement patterns, and simple breath-oriented asana and vinyasa sequences. Adaptations are offered in order to help each person develop a personal practice and to adjust for any level of ability.
($16, or pay what you can)

Wednesdays 12 noon – 1:30 pm
BODY, SPACE & BREATH: an asana class
at Movements Afoot, 151 W 30 St, rm 201, NYC

These classes use principles of Space Harmony, the Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body-Mind Centering, yoga asana and other approaches to embodiment to support your experience of sensing the breath, moving through space and being present in your body.
($17, or pay what you can)

Mondays, 12:30 – 3 pm
at the Breathing Project, 15 W 26 St, 10th Fl, NYC

In this 65-hour course we will explore anatomy and kinesiology from an experiential perspective, using textbooks, models, and movement experiences. There will be time for practice sensing, embodying and observing various tissues and structures, both in our selves and in others. Using movement patterns based on Laban Movement Analysis, the Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body-Mind Centering and other yoga asana, we will discuss principles of alignment and therapeutic applications.

You can take the whole course, or drop in. We will begin in September with the spine, then focus on the lower limbs in the winter, and upper limbs in the spring. Class involves both discussion and movement.
($40 per class. Class cards available, and discounts for members of Breathing Project, LIMS & BMCA.)

Amy Matthews, CMA, SME, RYT, RSMT/RSME has been teaching movement since 1994. She is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst and a Body-Mind Centering? Somatic Movement Educator. Amy has been on the faculty of the Year-Long Certificate Program at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies since 2000, and has been the Program Coordinator since 2002.

Amy works privately as a movement therapist, integrating LMA/BF, yoga and BMC. She currently teaches yoga classes and workshops at Yoga Union, the Breathing Project and Movements Afoot. She co-teaches karate and yoga workshops with Sensei Michelle Gay for the Society for Martial Arts Instruction, and anatomy workshops for LIMS. Amy’s ‘Embodied Asana’ workshops and anatomy classes are a part of the Breathing Project’s Advanced Studies Program, and she co-teaches with Alison West on Yoga Union’s Teacher Training program.

Amy is certified as a yoga teacher by Heart of Yoga and Yoga Union, and as a Motherhand Shiatsu practitioner. She is registered with ISMETA as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, and is registered at the 500-hour level through Yoga Alliance. She studies kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd and BMC? with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Amy also studies yoga with Kevin Gardiner, Mark Whitwell and Alison West, and karate with Sensei Michelle Gay.

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