Yoga Anatomy Training with Leslie Kaminoff

There is still room in a week-long Yoga Anatomy training I’m teaching at Kripalu from Jan 22 – Jan 27, 2006.
I really enjoyed teaching this program at Kripalu last summer. The
intensive format allowed me to work closely with the students, and we were
able to cover almost as much core material as I teach in the year-long Yoga
Anatomy training at The Breathing Project.
I’m also leading an Equinox Yoga Weekend at Kripalu Mar 17 – Mar 19, 2006.
Here’s the description of Yoga Anatomy from the Kripalu website:
Jan 22 – Jan 27, 06 (5 nights, Sun – Fri)
with Leslie Kaminoff
For all levels and abilities.
This program will provide a practical grounding in the essentials of the
anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of yoga practice, with particular
emphasis on the relationship between breathing and healthy spinal function.
In an engaging and creative learning environment, we will make anatomy a
living, breathing, unforgettable part of our lives.
The first two days will focus on the anatomy and mechanics of breathing. The
third day will cover the evolution and anatomy of spinal mechanics and the
development of postural support and articular freedom. The last two days
will deal with yoga physiology, balance, and equilibrium, including hands-
on yoga therapy techniques and assisted practice relating to specific
Throughout the week, ample time will be devoted to individual
questions, concerns, and structural issues.
Yoga provides a unique opportunity to the anatomy student because it shows
us which details are important and integrates those details into a unified
vision and experience of human existence. Gone are the days of memorizing
and forgetting countless details of anatomy—this is embodied knowledge.
Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga therapist with more than 26 years’ experience in
the fields of yoga, breath anatomy, and bodywork, inspired by the tradition
of T.K.V. Desikachar.
He has led workshops for many of the country’s leading yoga associations,
schools, and training programs. Leslie is the founder of The Breathing
Project, a New York City yoga studio dedicated to the teaching of
individualized, breath-centered yoga practice and therapy, as well as the
creator and coordinator of “The Future of Breathing.”
He practices yoga therapy and bodywork in New York City and in Great
Barrington, Massachusetts. He is currently at work on his first book,
entitled “Yoga Anatomy”

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