Tom Myers Returns to The Breathing Project Friday, February 23- Monday, February 26

Once again, we are very pleased to welcome Tom Myers for an incredible four days of learning.

On Friday and Saturday, Feb. 23 & 24, Part I – The Anatomy of Inversion: Using Your Arms as Legs, will be of particular interest to Yoga teachers and students. From Tom’s course description:

“Support in inversions requires us to use the arms as if they were legs. A thorough examination of these issues will take us into the evolution and the embryological development of the shoulder girdle. Then we can apply these concepts to getting the maximum of support for all the inversion postures, from down dog on up to shoulder stand, forearm balance, and handstand. Proper positioning of the scapula, clavicle, shoulder joint, and ribs are all crucial to inversion practice that does not unduly strain the arms and shoulders and breathing. Along the way, we will also work with a ‘natural’ posture for the shoulders in mountain pose, and add applications for occupational issues the arm that can often lead to arm problems from the carpal tunnel right up to the neck.”

Tom’s workshops always sell out, and we’ve already gotten a lot of interest, so register now.

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