Special David Hykes Programs at The Breathing Project!

As any regular readers of e-Sutra know, I have been a huge fan of David Hykes for a long time. He has literally changed the way I listen to the world, and to my own voice. In the past few years, it has been my great privilege to become friends with him, and he’s been a tremendous supporter of our work here at The Breathing Project. He even performed an amazing concert at our grand opening party in March, 2003.

Next week, David will be joining us again for two very special programs. First, as the culmination of our open house weekend, on Sunday, November 19th, from 5:30-7:30pm, David will lead a Harmonic Presence Evening, which will include deep and hearty group immersion in Harmonic Chant, compassion-based guided meditation, healing, visualization, and gentle breath and bodywork. The following Monday, November 20th from 4-8pm, David will teach a Harmonic Presence Workshop, which will provide a deeper and more intensive connection to his work, and to the harmonic universe we all inhabit.

I can’t recommend highly enough these events. If you are anywhere within the NYC area, I urge you to experience David’s work. I guarantee a transformational experience.
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