PURE Yoga Texas, Austin, TX 2024

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    • T.K.V. Desikachar: “Without the breath it’s not Yoga.”
    • T.K.V. Desikachar: “Yoga is relationship.”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: “Desikachar’s checklist for scope of yoga practice: 1) Are they breathing? 2) Are they able to move, even a little bit? 3) Are they able to focus for even a very short time? If the answer is yes, yoga, rejuvenation, and healing are possible. ”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: “Our job is not to focus on what has gone wrong in a person’s body. Our job as yoga educators is to focus on what is still going right.”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: “Healing is different from fixing or curing. Sometimes healing involves changing your relationship to what has gone wrong.”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: “Breath (and thus yoga) is the great teacher of tapas, svadhyaya, isvarapranidhana. Tapas refers to that which you can change; isvarapranidhana relates to the stuff you can’t change; svadhyaya refers to self-reflection, the introspection that allows us to distinguish one from the other.”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: “The benefit of learning a new breathing technique is unlearning your old way of breathing.”
    • T.K.V. Desikachar: “The recognition of confusion is a form of clarity.”
    • Amy Matthews, paraphrasing Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: “Healthy movement is well-distributed: a little bit of movement from a lot of places.” This was further clarified by Leslie: “a little bit of movement, coming from a lot of places, repeated a reasonable number of times.”
    • Conversely, Leslie Kaminoff says “Unhealthy movement is too much movement coming from too few places repeated too many times (repetitive stress).”
    • BoS : CoG : RoM – Leslie’s movement philosophy: start with BoS before moving on to changing your center of gravity (core in motion) before RoM (full expression of the pose). If at any point you experience difficulty, go back to the prior step:
      1. BoS: Base of Support
      2. CoG: Center of Gravity
      3. RoM: Range of Motion
    • Leslie Kaminoff: An inquiry has no wrong answer because it has everything to do with you at a particular moment.
    • T.K.V. Desikachar: “Sometimes you need to give people 90% of what they want so you can slip in 10% of what they need.”
    • Leslie Kaminoff: For Krishnamacharya avidya shows up as an obstruction to the free flow of prana (life force).

Should We Keep Mula Bandha All The Time?

Have you heard advice about maintaining mula bandha all the time? Have you heard advice about maintaining any body position all the time? Join Leslie and students as they examine well-meaning advice, habits, and practices you can follow to honor the balance into your system.


Do you do yoga to live a better life, or do you live to do better yoga? Your answer may surprise you, and it will help you learn where to set healthy limits in your own practice.