‘Hatha yoga’ reveals secrets of protein folding

San Francisco,PTI:
Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley have uncovered the secrets of how proteins fold into elaborate three-dimensional shapes, by making them perform ‘hatha yoga.
A problem that has bedeviled biologists for decades is why a chain of amino acids always folds in a specific way.
Grabbing both ends of a single protein, they pulled and slowly unbent the protein, then gradually let it relax into its original 3-D shape.
As they put the protein through stretches and relaxations reminiscent of ‘hatha yoga,’ they found that in the process of folding, some proteins go through an intermediate state totally unlike their final configuration – a resting state before the final folding occurs.

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  1. The chakra system is a series of energetic petals forming patterns like those seen in snow flakes and following sacred geometric forms. The folding and unfolding of Hatha Yoga,occurs at the joint. When done so that the body/chakra system is aligned, this opens the chakras and enhances the flow of prana through them. The body is now in an optimal state for healing; consciousness is in an optimal state for awakening because growth occurs in the center of a clean fold. This is the place where two complementary spirals intersect. When this is done in balance, a third(new) thing emerges. You see this in nature. Embryos grow organs at the place where 2 streams converge and fold then unfold. I love this protein folding example and would like to read more.

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