Private sessions

Private sessions with Leslie Kaminoff are aimed at increasing the spaciousness of the human system. They are offered both in-person and over Zoom.

This is achieved by identifying and resolving obstructions to the natural flow of movement in the body. These obstructions can manifest as habitual holding patterns in breath, posture, connective tissue, thoughts or emotions.

The fundamental rhythm of breathing is the key tool that aids the Yoga Educator in observing and addressing these functional and structural issues. During a session, simple Yoga postures and breathing patterns may be employed to test and improve the integrity of the joints, muscles, spine and diaphragm. In addition, certain hands-on techniques may be employed to assist the client in increasing awareness of chronic holding patterns.

Individually-tailored exercises for home practice are frequently an integral component of Private Yoga sessions.

  • First session is always an hour. It typically takes a few weeks to schedule a first appointment.
  • The full fee will be charged without 24 hour notice of change or cancellation – no exceptions.
  • Payment due at time of service.
  • No insurance accepted, but services may be reimbursable – receipts provided upon request.
  • Cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and credit cards accepted
  • Half-hour (approx. 25 minutes): sliding fee $80 – $110 USD

  • Hour (approx. 55 minutes): sliding fee $190 – $250 USD

New York City Location:

210 West 94th Street #2E
New York, NY 10025
Southeast corner of Broadway and 94th Street, at the 96th Street stop of the 1, 2, and 3 trains

Phone:  212-979-9642

Request for private session
Leslie gently guiding a client, standing behind her with his fingers barely touching the sides of her head.