KRIPALU, STOCKBRIDGE, MA: Journey to the Center of the Breath: Coaching Better Breathing


This is an immersive workshop for anyone who wants to take their understanding of breath to the next level. In a highly interactive format, Leslie Kaminoff will share some of the most effective and applicable techniques he’s employed over 40 years of practice as a yoga educator. Topics covered will include:

  • Yogic concepts of breath – prana and apana
  • Essentials of breath anatomy
  • New approaches to coordinating spine and breath movement
  • Exposing breathing myths, clarifying teaching language
  • Simple, adaptive imagery
  • Non-invasive breath techniques
  • Dealing safely with trauma
  • Setting up a supportive, safe environment for breath inquiry
  • Self-care breath exercises

Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of techniques themselves, and to learn the best methods for sharing them to others. Although no previous experience in yoga is required to benefit from this workshop, yoga teachers and therapists will find the simple, clear methodology invaluable to their practices.

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